Hi! My name is Nicole Kazimer also known as HelloYogaGirl. I’m so pumped to share my yoga adventures with you! Some of my favorite things include exploring the outdoors, supporting local communities, helping people touch their toes, and all things green. What lights up your soul?

I look forward to you joining my journey on Instagram – @helloyogagirl

Loving the outdoors, I spend most of my free time exploring nature or practicing yoga. After sharing my passion for yoga and the outdoors on social media I wanted to bring my adventures to all even deeper. Inviting others to join me in exploring the outdoors through Hikyoga™. HikYogies’ hearts light up when they see how breathtaking nature is and how amazing they feel both mentally & physically after spending time exploring.


Hikyoga™ is the perfect way to embrace nature, be active, and have fun! We start our adventure by connecting with our beautiful surroundings and tuning in to the serenity of the outdoors. Once our bodies are warmed up we begin our adventure. On the trails we leave plenty of time for pictures, connecting with our friends and taking time to breathe in the wild air of the outdoors. After, you’re more than welcome to have a picnic or head out to whatever else your day brings. Typically we finish up within three hours. Can’t wait for you to join the fun!


Check my page out on Instagram and join me in exploring what a beautiful life we have! Share your love by hash tagging #helloyogagirl in your yoga and adventure shots. I can’t wait to hear what being a HelloYogaGirl means to you!